How To Delete Christian Mingle Account

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How to Unsubscribe From Christian Mingle

When you’re prepared to stop using Christian Mingle, you’ll need to go through the unsubscribe process on the website to make sure there are no further charges made and to stop your account from appearing in member search results. On the Christian Mingle website, select “Your Account” to manage your account status. Although most of your information is saved in the site’s database, you can permanently remove your Christian Mingle account.
  • Log in to your Christian Mingle account. Click “Your Account” to view account details such as membership status, login settings, and hidden or blocked members.
  • Click “Remove My Profile” to initiate the account-deletion process. Complete the account-cancellation survey, which includes three questions about your Christian Mingle experience and offers you an opportunity to provide feedback on the service.

  • Click “Continue” to remove your profile. Depending on your survey choices, you may see one more set of questions. For example, if you select “I’m getting married!” as your reason for leaving, the next menu will ask your permission to share your success story with other Christian Mingle users. Fill out these questions as needed and click “Continue” to finish deleting your account.

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