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How Do I Delete My CenturyLink Email Account? Close CenturyLink Email

For the past 20 years, CenturyLink’s email has been a reliable means of communication. However, this quick, secure, and protected method of communication is not immune to scammers’ and fraudsters’ snares. Be cautious if you’re wondering why all of a sudden your CenturyLink email inbox has started to fill up with junk and spam email messages.

Many CenturyLink customers in the US have reported falling victim to email scams, and you may be the next one. It’s time to remove your CenturyLink email account if you’ve started receiving emails that appear to be from the IRS, the Federal Government, your bank, or CenturyLink customer care. In just a few easy clicks, you can remove your CenturyLink email account. And all of that without discontinuing CenturyLink Internet or Direct TV.

In order to be crystal clear, when people ask “how to remove a CenturyLink email account,” they either mean “how to delete a CenturyLink email account?” Also, how can I stop using CenturyLink services? Thankfully, we will cover both circumstances in the text that follows. You can reach out to us if you’d want to receive our special support.

Unlike Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, CenturyLink email is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, before canceling the CenturyLink email account, it is important to understand its fundamentals.

What type of email account is CenturyLink? 

CenturyLink has many similarities and differences with many other email services offered in the US. It is free and works with Android, iOS, and Windows-based devices just like Gmail and Yahoo. The only people who can create and utilize CenturyLink email services are those who use any of the company’s services. To be more explicit, CenturyLink allows its customers to have one primary email address and nine additional email addresses that can be customized for personal, family, and friend use.

Which specific categories of CenturyLink email addresses do you wish to delete? is now the million-dollar question. In contrast to deleting the customizable ids, there is a different procedure for deleting the primary CenturyLink email address. Only after you terminate CenturyLink’s services is it possible to cancel the primary email address. But with closing the customizable CenturyLink email addresses, this is not the case. Let’s get into further depth about it.

How to Delete a CenturyLink email account 

First things first, shall we? Let’s take one thing very seriously. You won’t be able to get your CenturyLink email address back if you cancel it. Therefore, you should think about making a backup of all the information you have stored on your CenturyLink email account, including email messages, pictures, photos, documents, and other files. Then, to permanently remove your CenturyLink email account, follow the instructions below.

  • So, as a first step, log in to your CenturyLink email account.
  • Now from the CenturyLink homepage, select the “My CenturyLink” tab.
  • Then, from the available options select the “User Settings” option.
  • The next screen will open up and expose you to the “Manage Users” section.
  • In the “Manage Users” section all of your CenturyLink email addresses will be available.
  • Find and select the particular email id that you want to delete.
  • Now click on the down arrow and the “Remove User” tab will come to your view.
  • If you are sure about deleting the CenturyLink email account, select “Remove User” and then click “Save”.
  • In case you have changed your mind and don’t want to close your CenturyLink email id then click “Cancel”.

How to cancel CenturyLink service?

One of the cheapest internet, phone, and direct TV service providers in the US is how CenturyLink is best characterized. Even though CenturyLink may offer the lowest price, the services are not of the highest caliber. The users of CenturyLink are frequently forced to consider abandoning their services due to persistent technical issues, server outages, and subpar customer support. But there isn’t a way to cancel your subscription to the services on the company’s official website.

You must get in touch with CenturyLink customer support if you want to cancel your services. If there is an early termination fee, you can avoid it by contacting us instead of the CenturyLink agent by using the help portion of the CenturyLink website.

In Conclusion

It is easy and simple to delete the CenturyLink email address. But when it comes to terminating your CenturyLink subscription, this is not the case. Both ease of use and simplicity are lacking in the CenturyLink service cancellation process. Therefore, feel free to get in touch with CenturyLink customer service.



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