How To Delete Binance App

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How To Delete Your Binance Account

Even though Binance may be every cryptocurrency trader’s favored exchange platform, there are situations when consumers need to completely remove their accounts.

It’s possible that they’re trying to switch to another platform for the experience or that they’re taking a break from trading cryptocurrencies, in which case they may need to erase their Binance account.

This tutorial provides a summary of some of the essential steps you can take to delete your account from the platform.

Why Do You Need To Delete Your Binance Account? 

Once you’ve made the decision to quit using Binance, you must make sure to permanently close your account. To ensure future safety and security, this is required. If not permanently closed, you might later have to deal with certain cybersecurity problems.

Additionally, since your vital information would be maintained on the Binance website on your desktop or the app on your phone, selling either of them could put your private information in danger.

How To Permanently Delete The Account On Binance 

If you believe that one click from you will permanently delete your account, you couldn’t be more mistaken! It’s not as simple as you may imagine. Instead, a lengthy procedure and careful website browsing are needed.

The fact that the option to “disable” is present could be a serious issue for you. The account can later be used again because “delete” won’t appear on it.

You need to calm down if you are currently stressed over your date’s possible permanent insecurity. You can completely remove your account by following a few steps.

Visit The Website

Use the link to navigate to Binance’s official website from your browser. Both a laptop and a phone can be used for this. Your country of residence would determine the website’s domain name.

You can see the navigation symbol on the home page. Point your mouse in its direction and click it. There will be a drop-down menu there. Select “login” and provide all the necessary information in the fields provided.

This will immediately send you to your account, where you might find some alternatives.

Click or Tap On The Icon Of Your Profile 

You can access a drop-down menu by clicking on the profile symbol in the top right corner of the page. You must locate the “security settings” option here.

Your email address, which allows you to check the security settings, may be found directly at the top of this menu. You can view the current settings for the email address by clicking on this.

View Your Account Activity

Once you are on the security page, you will see a new checklist. It will highlight the 2-factor authentication, login password, device management, and account activity.

At the end of the checklist, you will see the option of ‘Account Activity’, this is what you need to consider right now.

Click On The Disable Option 

The login activity will be shown right under the account activity option. Right under it, you would see the option ‘Disable Account. Cross-check it once to be on the safer side and make sure that the account is removed.

Choose To Delete Account 

By selecting this “Disable Account” option, you can see your two options in more detail. These would include the “disable” and “delete” options for accounts.

By selecting the “disable” option, you would temporarily stop using the account. If you notice any questionable behavior occurring in your account, you can take that action.

You have the option to “delete” as a second choice. If you select it, your account will be permanently deleted and you won’t be able to access it ever again. Your whole cache of data and information would also be automatically deleted.


After that, you will be taken to another page. Either your phone number or the email address already connected to your account must be entered on this page.

Before departing, you will be required to confirm your activity. Your Binance account can be successfully deleted by selecting the “Confirm” button.


You should consider the fact that selecting the delete option is an irrevocable move before you do so. You won’t be able to use the account again after deletion.

You will need to create a fresh account from scratch, going through the tedious process of needing to fill out all the information in detail, in order to trade on Binance.


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