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In this article, we’ll explain how to remove your Benaughty account, stop receiving BeNaughty emails, and cancel your Premium membership. The term “online dating” on websites like will tempt all young people, especially lads. Despite the fact that there are countless online dating websites, many of them turn out to be scams. Joining these online dating sites could put your online identity at risk. At times it even risks sensitive information like your bank account details and more.
One of the worst websites for online dating is The steps below should be followed if you did create an account there and want to cancel your BeNaughty subscription or delete your BeNaughty account.

How to delete the BeNaughty account

  1. First of all, login to your BeNaughty account from any web browser.
  2. After successfully logging in, click on the profile icon on the top left, and select Settings.
  3. Scroll till the end, and click on the “Remove Account” button at the bottom of the page.
  4. To confirm the removal of your account, you will now be asked to enter your login password again.
  5. You will now be provided with a list of options. From the list, choose the “Remove my profile, contacts, and personal information” option.
  6. Make sure that you do not select or check mark anything else. Then click on Continue.
  7. The next screen will allow you to unsubscribe from emails, hide your profile, or remove everything. If you wish to remove the account altogether, then choose to delete everything to delete your account from BeNaughty. Click on Continue
  8. The next screen will ask you the reason to remove your account from BeNaiughty.
  9. The final screen will offer you to remove your account. Here you can only choose to cancel the subscription, or you can choose to delete the BeNaughty account.
  10. The next screen will take the registered email id, and then share a Thank You message. Along with this, BeNaugty will share a cancellation code over email within an hour. It will be valid for 24 hours. This code is unique and can be used only once.
  11. Once the email arrives, it will have the cancellation code. Login to the account again, and click on Remove account
  12. Here it will ask you to enter your account password again. Enter and click on Continue.
  13. The next screen will prompt you to enter the BeNaughty cancellation code. Enter and click on the Continue button.
  14. After clicking the “Continue” button your account will be removed. You will receive an account removal confirmation email at: [email protected]. Please note that it can take up to 1 hour for the email to arrive at your email address.
  15. The last screen is the final confirmation. Once you click on it, you will be logged out, and the account will be removed permanently.

You can easily reactivate your account at any time. By re-logging in to the website with your previous username and password, you can accomplish the same thing. An email containing a confirmation link will be sent to you.

How to cancel BeNaughty Email Subscription

The never-ending spam emails that are delivered to your mail account nearly every day are one of this online dating site’s most unpleasant aspects. It also seems impossible to cancel your subscription to the online dating service BeNaughty. You will still receive emails from even if you unsubscribe to stop receiving them.

  1. It is best if you can connect to them directly over [email protected]. You will have to verify, and once done, the emails will stop.
  2. Go to BeNaughty my account or Account Settings > Email, SMS, and push notifications. Here you can uncheck the options for which you do not wish to receive emails.
  3. For every email you receive, there is an unsubscribe from all option at the end. Click on it, and choose to remove yourself from BeNaughty emails.

Even though it ought to be helpful, it is one of the key problems with opening an account on an online dating service. Once you sign up with your email address, using the online dating service is completely public. You’ll get annoyed with a lot of online dating sites.

Your registered email address will receive daily, routine emails. They would spread critiques of the BeNaughty website and try to scam you by displaying phony images of attractive men or women. It makes me ponder whether I ought to always remove a dating website account when I create one.


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