How to delete an Elite Singles account

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How to delete an Elite Singles account?

A well-known dating app is Elite Singles. However, you might think about closing your account if you no longer want to use it. If that’s the case, stop reading now because I’m about to describe how to permanently deactivate your EliteSingles account.

The processes for the Android app are the same as those for the iPhone app, which I’ll demonstrate below.

1  Open the EliteSingles app and choose the human icon at the bottom
 2  Tap on the 3 dots
 3  Choose my account
 4  Hit the delete account link at the bottom
 5  Indicate why you want to remove your account
 6  Enter your email address and password and hit Delete account
Finally, Your account has now been closed, you may be sure by shutting and opening the app once more.


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