How to Create Trend Statements in QuickBooks

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How to Create Trend Statements in QuickBooks

Reports on historical financial gains, losses, and expenses are provided in trend statements. It is feasible to immediately assess how a company’s money is being spent thanks to the reports’ simple presentation. Businesses that make use of QuickBooks are able to provide statements that demonstrate profitability to shareholders, investors, and board members. Making a trend statement, or report can help your firm keep on track by offering financial statistics on depreciation, losses, gains, investments, advertising, and other business expenses. It also makes an excellent resource for presentations.

  1. Launch QuickBooks and select the “Reports” menu. Click on the type of report you want to access from the drop-down menu. Choices include profit and loss, balance sheets, and time, or you can create custom reports based on your own criteria.
  2. Follow the prompts to input the required information for the report. First, the wizard will ask you to select a date range. Enter a specific date or select an option for quarterly reports, bi-annual reports, or annual reports. Then, choose how the report should be organized – by date, transaction amount, or type of transaction.
  3. Create the look for the report by selecting “Edit” and then “Preferences. Choose the “Reports and Graphs” option and select a layout for your report from the list of options. 
  4. Choose the format you want for the report. You can select print, email, export to XML, or send to PDF.
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