How To Create Google News Alerts

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You probably use Google to search for information when you want to learn more about a news article, find out who won a game you couldn’t see live, or find out what movies are coming out this weekend.

But what if Google has already provided the most recent information directly to your inbox, saving you the time and effort of searching?

Google Alerts does proactive web searches for the particular terms you specify and sends you the results as frequently as you’d like.

This article will explain how to create, edit, and remove a Google Alert.

How to set up Google Alerts

To set up a Google Alert, log into your Google account, .

  • Type the search term you want to follow into the bar reading “Create an alert about…” and search it.
  • Click the blue box that reads “Create Alert.”

I’m done now! You recently set up a Google alert.

But you haven’t finished your job yet. Google will automatically send you an update once each day. Here is how to change how frequently your alerts are received, from more frequently to less frequently.

How to customize Google Alerts

Go to the Alerts page and find the Google Alert you want to customize.

  • Click on the pencil icon to the right of the alert to open its settings.
  • Customize the alert. You can set how often you get alerts, what language they need to be in, what sources you want your alerts to come from, and more.
  • Hit the blue “Update alert” box.

Additionally, you can select a delivery time for all of your alerts by clicking the gear icon to the right of “My alerts” on the page. Your alert updates can be limited to once per day or even once per week.

Additionally, you can request that Google send all of your alert updates in a single email as opposed to individually.

How to delete Google Alerts

Deleting an alert is just as simple.

  • Go to your Google Alerts page.
  • Locate the trash can icon to the right of the alert you want to delete and click it.

That’s that — the alert is gone.

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