How to Check Seller Ratings on Facebook Marketplace In 2024

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As online shopping continues to dominate the retail industry, the rise of social media commerce becomes inevitable. One platform that stands out is the Facebook Marketplace, a convenient space for buying and selling within your local community and beyond.

This article will guide you on how to check seller ratings on Facebook Marketplace In 2024, ensuring your online shopping safety and enriching your Facebook shopping experience.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace where users can buy and sell new and used items to others in their local community or beyond. It’s a feature within the Facebook platform and can be accessed directly from a user’s Facebook account, making it a convenient option for people looking to conduct transactions within their existing social network.

Users can list a wide variety of items on the Facebook Marketplace, including furniture, vehicles, electronics, clothing, and more. Each listing can include a title, description, photos, and price. Listings are categorized by type of item, and users can search for specific items or browse categories.

Once a potential buyer finds an item they’re interested in, they can message the seller directly through Facebook Messenger to negotiate the price, ask questions, or arrange a pick-up or delivery.

Sellers can also respond to inquiries, adjust their listings, and manage transactions directly from their Facebook account.

Interestingly, Facebook Marketplace includes safety features like seller ratings and a reporting system to help maintain a trustworthy and reliable trading environment.

However, unlike many other online marketplaces, Facebook does not offer any form of payment or shipping service, so those aspects of the transaction must be arranged independently by the buyer and seller.

What Is Rating On Facebook Marketplace?

Rating on Facebook Marketplace is a feature that allows users to rate their experience with sellers or buyers after a transaction has taken place. This feedback system is designed to build a trustworthy community where people can feel confident buying and selling items.

The rating system uses a five-star scale, with five stars being the best possible rating and one star being the worst.

After completing a transaction on Marketplace, both the buyer and the seller are prompted to rate each other. Along with the star rating, they can also leave a brief comment about their experience.

These ratings are then visible to other users, providing insights into a buyer or seller’s reliability. The overall rating is calculated based on the average of all received ratings, and it is displayed on the user’s Marketplace profile.

By checking seller ratings, potential buyers can get a sense of how reliable and trustworthy a seller might be before making a purchase. On the other hand, sellers can also check a buyer’s ratings to ensure they are dealing with a reliable person.

Bear in mind that it’s only transactions completed within the Facebook Marketplace are eligible for ratings, and users have up to 60 days to leave a rating after the transaction has taken place.

Who Can Get Rating On Facebook Marketplace?

On Facebook Marketplace, both buyers and sellers can receive ratings. Once a transaction is completed, both parties are prompted to rate each other based on their experience.

However, it’s important to note that these ratings are only applicable for transactions that occur within the Facebook Marketplace platform.

In other words, if you’ve conducted a transaction through private messages, by phone, email, or outside of Facebook, you won’t be able to leave a rating for that transaction.

Each party has up to 60 days after the transaction to leave a rating. Ratings and reviews are visible on a person’s Marketplace profile, providing valuable feedback for other users who might interact with them in the future.

Bear in mind that the aim of the rating system is to build trust within the Facebook Marketplace community by rewarding good behavior and discouraging bad behavior.

It’s not just about being a buyer or seller, but also about how you conduct yourself during the transaction.

That’s why maintaining clear communication, being honest, and following through with your commitments is important to achieve a high rating.

How to Check Seller Ratings on Facebook Marketplace

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to check seller ratings on Facebook Marketplace.

Open Your Device: First off, you will need to open your device and get it connected to an internet source.

Open Facebook: Next, you will need to open your preferred browser or open your mobile phone and tap on the facebook app. Afterward, you will need to Facebook login your profile account on your desktop or mobile device.

Go to Marketplace: Once logged in your facebook account, you will need to navigate to Facebook Marketplace. You can do this by clicking on the “Marketplace” icon on the main menu. On desktop, this is located in the left-hand side menu, while on mobile, it’s usually along the bottom or top menu depending on whether you are using android or iOS device.

How to Check Seller Ratings on Facebook Marketplace In 2023

Select an Item: From the Facebook Marketplace page, you will need to browse or search for an item that you’re interested in. You can decide to choose or stick to the browse all option.

How to Check Seller Ratings on Facebook Marketplace In 2023

Interestingly, once you find an item of your choice, you will need to click on it to view more details.

Check the Seller’s Profile: On the item details page, you should see information about the seller, usually near the top or bottom of the listing. Click on the seller details to view their facebook marketplace profile information.

How to Check Seller Ratings on Facebook Marketplace In 2023

View Seller Ratings: On the seller’s profile page, look for their seller ratings. This could be shown as a number out of five, and it’s usually located near their profile picture or under a “Ratings” or “Reviews” section.

Read Individual Ratings: In addition to the average rating, you can usually see individual ratings and comments from other users. Reading these can give you more insight into the seller’s behavior and reliability.

Analyze the Ratings: Don’t just focus on the star ratings. Read the reviews and see if there are any recurring issues mentioned by multiple buyers. Also, check how the seller responds to any negative reviews.

Bear in mind that a seller with a high rating and a large number of reviews is generally more reliable than a seller with few reviews or a low rating. However, always use your judgment and consider all available information before making a purchase.

10 Tips for Selling Faster On Facebook Marketplace

Here are 10 tips for selling faster on facebook marketplace which you need to know and start applying in your day to day activities while using facebook marketplace:

1. Take High-Quality Photos: Good, clear images are crucial. Take pictures from various angles, ensure they are well-lit, and highlight any important features or flaws.

2. Write Clear Descriptions: Be as detailed and accurate as possible in your descriptions. Include size, color, condition, and any other relevant information about the item.

3. Price Your Items Correctly: Pricing items too high might deter buyers, while pricing too low might make them skeptical. Research similar items on the marketplace to understand the competitive price range.

4. Be Responsive: Respond promptly to inquiries from potential buyers. This not only increases your chances of selling the item quickly but also improves your reputation as a seller.

5. Use Keywords Wisely: Use relevant keywords in your title and description to make your items more discoverable. Think about what potential buyers might search for.

6. Share Your Listings: Share your Facebook Marketplace listings on your personal profile, or in relevant local groups, to increase their visibility.

7. Be Flexible with Payment and Pickup Options: Offering multiple payment options and being flexible with pickup or delivery can make it more convenient for buyers, thereby increasing your chances of a quick sale.

8. Keep Your Listings Updated: Make sure your listings are always up-to-date. If an item has been sold, mark it as sold. Also, periodically refresh your listings to ensure they appear towards the top of search results.

9. Bundle Similar Items: Selling similar items as a bundle not only can attract buyers looking for a deal, but also helps you sell more items faster.

10. Provide Excellent Customer Service: Be courteous and helpful to potential buyers. Your customer service skills can make a big difference in how quickly your items sell. Address inquiries professionally and handle any issues promptly.

20 Tips For Getting Best Seller’s Rating On Facebook Marketplace

As a seller on facebook marketplace and every other online marketing platform, getting a good rating from your buyers is always very nice as it will give you good reputation and also provides buyers confident to deal with you.

Interestingly, we have compiled 20 tips for getting best seller’s rating on facebook marketplace:

1. Provide Accurate Descriptions: The more accurately you describe your items, the less likely buyers are to be disappointed. Include as many details as possible, including size, color, condition, and any defects.

2. Take Clear Photos: High-quality photos can make a big difference. Show the item from multiple angles and highlight any important features or flaws.

3. Be Honest About the Condition: If an item has flaws, it’s better to disclose them upfront. Honesty can prevent negative reviews later.

4. Respond Quickly: Buyers appreciate quick responses. Try to reply to inquiries as soon as possible to show that you’re serious and reliable.

5. Set Fair Prices: Price your items fairly. Overpricing can lead to negative reviews and underpricing can make buyers suspicious.

6. Be Friendly: A positive attitude goes a long way. Be polite and friendly in all your interactions with buyers.

7. Offer Bundle Deals: Offering discounts for buying multiple items can encourage more sales and positive reviews.

8. Deliver on Time: If you’re shipping items, send them out as soon as possible. Prompt delivery can greatly improve your seller rating.

9. Pack Items Carefully: Ensure your items are well-packed to avoid damage during shipping. Buyers appreciate receiving their purchases in good condition.

10. Be Flexible with Meet-ups: If a buyer prefers to pick up an item, be flexible with the time and place (while still ensuring your safety).

11. Keep Your Listings Organized: Keep your listings clean and organized. This can make it easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for.

12. Ask for Reviews: After a successful transaction, ask your buyers to leave a review. This can help you build up a collection of positive ratings.

13. Resolve Issues Promptly: If a problem arises, address it as soon as possible. How you handle issues can greatly influence your seller rating.

14. Maintain a Good Variety of Items: Having a wide range of items can attract more buyers and lead to more positive reviews.

15. Keep Personal Information Private: Respect your own privacy and that of your buyers. This professionalism can positively affect your seller rating.

16. Respect the Rules of Facebook Marketplace: Follow all the rules and guidelines set by Facebook Marketplace. This can enhance your reputation as a trustworthy seller.

17. Be Consistent: Regularly post new items for sale. Consistency can show buyers that you’re active and reliable.

18. Provide Excellent Customer Service: Treat each buyer as valuable. Excellent customer service can lead to high ratings and repeat customers.

19. Accept Various Payment Methods: Offering a variety of payment methods can make transactions smoother, leading to better reviews.

20. Always Improve: Take negative feedback as an opportunity to improve. Buyers appreciate sellers who strive to provide the best possible service.

20 Tips For Getting Best Buyer’s Rating On Facebook Marketplace

As a buyer on facebook marketplace and every other online marketing platform, getting a good rating from your sellers is always very nice as it will give you good reputation and also give sellers confident to deal with you.

Interestingly, we have compiled 20 tips for getting best buyer’s rating on facebook marketplace:

1. Communicate Effectively: Keep your communication clear and prompt. Sellers appreciate buyers who respond quickly and decisively.

2. Be Respectful: Always maintain a respectful and polite demeanor, even if negotiations don’t go as planned.

3. Show Up On Time: If you’re meeting a seller for pickup, ensure you arrive at the agreed time. Punctuality shows respect for the seller’s time.

4. Read Listings Thoroughly: Avoid asking questions that are already answered in the item description. This shows that you’re serious about the purchase.

5. Negotiate Fairly: If you’re going to negotiate the price, do it respectfully. Don’t lowball the seller; they may have put considerable time and effort into their listing.

6. Pay Promptly: Once you’ve agreed to purchase an item, complete your payment promptly. This helps to build trust with the seller.

7. Avoid Last-Minute Cancellations: If you’ve committed to buying an item, try not to cancel unless it’s absolutely necessary. Last-minute cancellations can be frustrating for sellers.

8. Be Honest: If you encounter any issues with the transaction, communicate them honestly to the seller. Honesty can help solve problems effectively and maintain your reputation as a reliable buyer.

9. Leave Reviews: Just as sellers appreciate reviews, so do buyers. Leave an accurate review of your transaction to help future buyers and sellers.

10. Be Prepared to Pick Up: If you’re buying large items that require pick-up, make sure you have a vehicle that can transport the item safely.

11. Follow Facebook Marketplace Rules: Respect all the rules and guidelines set by Facebook Marketplace. This can improve your reputation and rating as a buyer.

12. Understand The Item’s Value: Before negotiating, understand the value of the item. This shows respect for the seller’s listing and can result in a fair transaction.

13. Respect the Seller’s Privacy: Just as you would want your privacy respected, ensure you do the same for the seller.

14. Ask Relevant Questions: If something is not clear in the listing, feel free to ask. But ensure the questions are relevant and not already addressed in the item’s description.

15. Keep Your Transactions within Marketplace: Try to keep all communication and transactions within Facebook Marketplace. This protects both parties and ensures that you can rate each other at the end of the transaction.

16. Don’t Make False Commitments: Don’t commit to buy an item unless you’re sure. False commitments can lead to negative ratings.

17. Keep Track of Your Inquiries: If you’ve made inquiries on multiple items, keep track of them all. Respond to sellers promptly even if you’ve decided not to purchase their item.

18. Use Appropriate Payment Methods: Use the payment methods agreed upon with the seller. Avoid methods that could potentially compromise your or the seller’s personal information.

19. Be Patient: Especially if the item is being shipped, be patient. Shipping times can vary and are often out of the seller’s control.

20. Be a Repeat Customer: If you had a good experience with a seller, consider buying from them again in the future. Sellers appreciate repeat customers, and it can help you build a positive reputation as a buyer.

20 Common Mistakes People Make When Checking Seller Ratings and How to Avoid Them

Here are twenty common mistakes a lot of people makes when checking seller’s rating and how to avoid them.

1. Not Checking Ratings at All: Some buyers skip this step entirely, but doing so could lead to problems later. Always check seller ratings before making a purchase.

2. Overlooking Low Volume of Reviews: A perfect rating doesn’t mean much if it’s based on a handful of transactions. Look for sellers with a substantial number of reviews for a more accurate representation.

3. Ignoring Negative Reviews: It’s important to read negative reviews as they can provide valuable information about potential issues.

4. Focusing Only on Star Ratings: Don’t just consider the star rating. Read the comments left by buyers for a comprehensive understanding of the seller’s reliability.

5. Disregarding the Date of Reviews: Check the dates of the reviews. Recent feedback is more valuable than older reviews because it reflects the seller’s current business practices.

6. Assuming High Ratings Guarantee Authentic Products: High ratings indicate good seller behavior, not necessarily product authenticity. Always verify the authenticity of the product separately.

7. Neglecting Response to Negative Reviews: Pay attention to how sellers respond to negative reviews. This can indicate their customer service quality and how they handle issues.

8. Overlooking Reviews for Similar Products: If you’re buying a particular type of item, like a vintage purse, check reviews for similar products the seller has sold.

9. Not Considering the Seller’s Communication: Seller ratings often reflect communication quality. Good communication is key to resolving potential issues during transactions.

10. Failing to Compare Sellers: Don’t go with the first seller you find. Compare their ratings and reviews with others to make the best choice.

11. Dismissing New Sellers: New sellers won’t have many reviews, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re unreliable. Give them a chance, but proceed with caution.

12. Ignoring Local Pick-Up Reviews: If you’re planning to meet the seller in person, check if there are reviews from buyers who picked up their items. This can give you an idea of the seller’s punctuality and reliability.

13. Not Using Reviews to Validate Item Description: Use the reviews to cross-check the seller’s description of the product.

14. Overlooking Product Photos in Reviews: Some buyers post photos of their purchased items. These can show you the product’s condition upon arrival.

15. Missing Signs of Fake Reviews: Be cautious of generic or overly enthusiastic reviews, as they might be fake. Genuine reviews usually contain specific details about the product or transaction.

16. Ignoring Consistency of Seller Performance: One or two bad reviews don’t necessarily make a bad seller. Look for consistent patterns in the feedback.

17. Not Checking Reviews on Different Platforms: If the seller operates on multiple platforms, check their reviews across all these platforms for a well-rounded view.

18. Neglecting to Check the Seller’s Profile: Always check the seller’s Facebook profile. It can provide insights into their legitimacy and how they conduct their business.

19. Forgetting to Review the Seller Yourself: Remember to leave a review after your purchase to help other buyers in the future.

20. Making Impulse Decisions Based on Ratings: Don’t let a high rating cause you to rush into a purchase. Take your time to fully research the product and the seller.

How do I find reviews on Facebook?

To find reviews on Facebook, navigate to the Page of the business you want to review. Click ‘Reviews’ on the left side of the Page’s timeline. Here, you can see public reviews and ratings.

How do you leave a rating on Facebook Marketplace?

After purchasing an item on Facebook Marketplace, you’ll receive a notification prompting you to rate the seller. Click on the notification, choose a star rating (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest), and leave a comment if you wish. Then, click “Done.”

How do I give a rating to a buyer on the Marketplace?

Just like rating a seller, after a transaction, you can rate a buyer. You’ll receive a notification asking you to rate the buyer. Click on it, select the star rating you wish to give, and add any comments if you want, then click “Done.”

How do I enable seller ratings?

Facebook automatically enables seller ratings once you’ve completed a transaction through the Marketplace. You don’t need to manually enable this feature.

Why don’t I see the rate seller on Facebook Marketplace?

If you can’t see the option to rate a seller, it might be because the transaction wasn’t completed through Facebook Marketplace. Remember, only transactions completed within Marketplace are eligible for ratings.

Why can’t I see seller reviews on Facebook?

Not seeing seller reviews may be because the seller doesn’t have any yet or the transaction was completed outside of the Marketplace platform. It could also be due to privacy settings.

Do buyers on Facebook Marketplace have ratings?

Yes, just like sellers, buyers on Facebook Marketplace also receive ratings based on their transactions. This system helps maintain a trusted and safe buying and selling environment on the platform.

How do I follow a seller on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace does have a feature to follow specific sellers. You can easily get that done by visiting a seller’s Facebook profile or business page by clicking on their name in the Marketplace listing.

From there, you can choose to follow their profile or page to stay updated. Bear in mind to always respect privacy boundaries and Facebook’s user guidelines when interacting with others on the platform.

Here is a complete guide on how to follow someone on facebook marketplace:

  • First off, you will need to login your facebook account
  • Next, click on the marketplace icon and you will be taken to the facebook marketplace platform
  • Afterward, locate and tap on the item you like
  • Now, check below the item’s photos and you will see the seller’s name. Click follow next to the name and you will start following the person.

Final Thought

Facebook Marketplace is an open exchange where users can buy or sell new and used items. It has become a go-to platform for online shoppers and sellers due to its ease of use and built-in audience.

Before you make a Facebook purchase, it’s crucial to understand how to navigate the marketplace and gauge the trustworthiness of sellers.

Thus, accessing the seller’s or buyer’s rating on facebook marketplace is pretty nice as it will give you better knowledge of the individual you want to deal with and thus, be better prepared for it.

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