How To Change Twitter Username

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How to Change Your Twitter Handle or Username

On Twitter, you are not required to use your real name anywhere, in contrast to other social media platforms. Your handle can be a play on your real name, a pun or meme, a string of random numbers, or a combination of these things. It simply needs to be original and cannot include any offensive language.

The best part is that you have complete control over changing your Twitter handle. To get started, simply access your account settings.

To change your Twitter handle and use a different @name, follow these steps.

How to change your Twitter handle

This tutorial will walk you through changing your handle on Twitter’s mobile app, but the process is essentially the same on the website as well.

1. Swipe right to open the side menu, and tap Settings and privacy at the bottom.

2. Tap Account, and then Username.

3. Enter your new name. You might also be given some suggestions — tap any of these to set it as your username immediately.

4. Tap Done to save your new handle.

Open your profile page, not settings, if you want to change your display name, which is the longer, more prominent name that appears at the top of your profile and all of your tweets. For more information, see our article How to change your Twitter display name on desktop or mobile.


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