How To Change Facebook Messenger Background

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How to Change Facebook Messenger Background/Theme

Without a doubt, we use Facebook and Messenger frequently, and you may be sick of seeing the outdated Facebook Messenger wallpaper or them. However, if you want to give Facebook Messenger a fresh look, you may learn how to modify the backdrop or theme of Facebook Messenger here.

Facebook just unveiled an update to Messenger that adds a number of new aesthetic elements. One of them is the addition of fresh themes that change each of your Messenger chats’ backgrounds and emoticons.

How to Change the Background of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger offers helpful chat themes that alter the background color, emoticons, and other aspects of your conversations. Each time you communicate, the theme needs to be changed. To do this, tap the chat partner’s name to access the available options. Here’s how to modify Facebook Messenger’s background:

  • Open Facebook Messenger and find the person with that you want to change the theme.
  • Now, tap the “i” button in the top right-hand corner.
  • Tap Theme.
  • Choose any theme under the Themes menu. You can also set Colours and gradients.

But you can also alter your emoji by tapping on the settings menu, which is located just below the themes.


I’m done now. This was a brief instruction on how to modify the backdrop or theme of your Facebook Messenger account. Why not alter the Messenger background or theme to make things more fascinating if you frequently use Messenger to communicate with your loved ones?



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