How To Archive Facebook Messages

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You probably use Facebook’s built-in Messenger app if you frequent the social networking platform. And if you use it frequently, your inbox may be overflowing with messages from previous talks.

Any Messenger chat can be deleted by right-clicking or touching it. You can archive these discussions instead of permanently deleting them, which will relocate the chat from your inbox to a new folder. This is fantastic for storing communications from long-lost pals or talks that include important information.

Here’s how to save a Messenger conversation so you can access it later.

How to archive a conversation in Facebook Messenger

You can archive your chats using the Facebook Messenger website or app.

On the website

1. Head to the Facebook Messenger homepage and log into your account, if you haven’t already.

2. Find the conversation that you want to archive in the left sidebar.

3. When you hover your mouse over the conversation, you’ll see a circle with three dots inside appear. Click this circle and select Archive chat.

How to see your archived messages in Facebook Messenger

Once again, you can do this using your computer or your phone.

Using the website

1. Head to the Facebook Messenger homepage again and click the circle with three dots in the top-left.

2. Select Archived chats.

3. The left sidebar will flip to show you all your archived chats. Click on any of them to see the conversation, but note that sending a message will move the chat back into your regular inbox.

By moving your mouse over a chat in the left sidebar, selecting the three dots icon, and then choosing Unarchive chat, you can also delete a chat that has been archived.

Using the mobile app

This works for both iPhone and Android.

1. Open the Messenger app and tap your profile picture in the top-left corner.

2. In the list of options, select Archived chats.

3. You’ll see a list of all your archived conversations. You can open them and even send messages, but sending a message will move the chat back to your regular inbox.

You can also unarchive a conversation by tapping and holding it, then selecting Unarchive from the list that appears.

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