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Want to quickly locate a cute post you saw a few weeks ago or your old middle school crush? The advanced search feature on Facebook helps you avoid having to browse through pages of irrelevant results, which speeds up the process of discovering people or posts. You can find posts from friends, posts in groups, and more with Facebook’s advanced search.

Facebook Advanced Search for People

Finding a non-friend on Facebook with a trendy name could be very difficult. This is due to the fact that the social networking site frequently has dozens or even hundreds of users with the same name. If you utilize Facebook’s advanced search, finding a person is usually a lot simpler. Enter the person’s name in the top search field and press the “Search” button to perform the advanced search for persons. Select the filters in the sidebar after clicking the “People” button at the top. By choosing the “City,” “Education,” “Work,” and “Mutual Friends” choices, you can narrow your search results. Since not all Facebook users will post their education or employment on their Facebook profile, it is typically easier to filter by “City”. To filter by the city you believe the individual to reside in, click “Choose a city” and then press “Enter.” You can choose the “Friends of Friends” option if you believe the person might be a friend of a friend.

Facebook Advanced Search for Posts

Finding posts that meet specific criteria can also be done using Facebook’s advanced search feature. Even postings on Facebook pages whose owners you can’t recall can be found with this tool. By entering keywords that correspond to the post you want to search for and then click the “Search” button, you may use Facebook’s advanced search to find posts. Select your filters on the left sidebar after clicking the top “Posts” tab. By “Posts From,” “Post Type,” “Post Group,” “Tagged Location,” and “Date Posted,” you can filter the results. If you can estimate the post date or year, filtering by “Posts From” and “Date Posted” is typically the simplest option. Press “Enter” to filter it, then click “Posts From” and choose “You,” “Your Friends and Groups,” or another source. Repeat the process if you want “Date Posted” or any other filter types to apply.

Advanced Search in Groups

Being able to perform an advanced search is extremely useful if you belong to a Facebook group because it lets you find almost any post in that group quickly. Searching for a group differs slightly from searching for posts or other users. Click the “Discussion” option on the group page you want to search through. In the “Search this group” search box, enter the keywords for the post you’re looking for before pressing the “Enter” key. By default, the posts that are found will be shown in order of popularity, so select “Most Recent” from the sidebar to see them in the order that they were added. By selecting filters such as “Date Posted” and “Posted By,” you can further refine the results. Please take note that removed posts from your group won’t be visible.
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