How to Add Login Page in Blogger

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How to Add Login Page in Blogger

Hello everyone, in this article I’ll explain how to add a login function to a blogger website quickly and effortlessly.

You can prevent users from accessing the page by adding this login page to your blogger website. You can also use this to make money by getting a cut of the income. After adding the username and password, you can send the information to registered users.

Therefore, attentively and thoroughly follow the methods provided below to gain a clear grasp of how to add a login function to a Blogger website quickly and error-free.

Steps to Add Login Feature to Blogger Website

  • First of all login to your blogger website dashboard by using your login credentials.
  • Before proceeding further, make sure you have a backup of your website theme for future use and to backup your website theme, you can follow the below-provided path.

Blogger website dashboard -> Click on theme section -> Click on arrow icon -> Click on backup -> Click on download -> Verify captcha -> Save the file in a safe place for future use.

  • Now you need to open your website theme editor section and to open it you can follow the below path.

Blogger website dashboard -> Click on theme section -> Click on arrow icon -> Click on Edit HTML -> Blogger theme editor section.

  • In the theme editor search for ]]></b: skin> and paste the following CSS code just above it and click on the save icon to save the complete code.
  •  After opening the page, make sure that you have changed the compose view to the HTML view.
  • Now copy the below provided HTML code and paste the copied HTML into the page.
  • Again copy below provided JavaScript code and paste the copied JavaScript code just below the HTML code.

If you want to add more users to log in for your page or post then you need to follow the below process.

Mainly you can add more users by adding using the below-provided code.

  •  You can refer to the below code as an example and you can add so many users like this and restrict your post or page from others to read and you can earn some revenue by adding the login feature to your blogger website.
  • After adding the codes inside the page or post, click on publish or update to show to your website users.

You can use Google’s color picker or any other third-party color picker website to find the color codes you need to alter the colors and styles of the login buttons. To change the colors of the login buttons, you must replace the CSS code.

After entering the username and password in JavaScript, you must lock or encrypt it to prevent other users from seeing it when they try to access the page.


I hope you now understand how to quickly add a login function to a blogger website using basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript scripts.

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