How To Access Facebook General Account Settings Page

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How To Access Facebook General Account Settings Page

One element of Facebook that enables users to further specify some of their account characteristics is the general settings page. The Username, Contact, Ad Account Contact, Memory Settings, and Identity Confirmation are all editable under Facebook’s general settings.

My Facebook General Account Settings

Are you trying to find reliable information about Facebook General Settings | Facebook General Account Settings? You are in the proper location.

I find it amusing to get into my Facebook account, but changing the settings is more enjoyable. As soon as you log into Facebook, you might wish to change some of the settings, either for security concerns or for other important reasons.

Your Facebook privacy, Facebook alerts, security, passwords, mobile, and a lot more are all governed by your general account settings. Select settings from the drop-down menu that displays on the right side of your Facebook page to update your account settings.

You have the option to create a Facebook user experience that is particularly suitable for you and your company by changing the account settings.

How To Access Facebook General Account Settings Page

It’s quicker and easier to discover your Facebook general account settings; just click the three lines icon at the top of your page, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Account Settings.

You can update your account settings including;

  • General settings – these settings help to edit basics like your Facebook name, Facebook passwords, or email which can only be changed one or two times during the lifetime of your Facebook account.
  • Security settings – These settings turn on alerts and approvals to help keep your Facebook account safe from unauthorized users.
  • Privacy settings – every individual needs privacy when it comes to their social lifestyle. The Facebook privacy settings help you to adjust who sees your posts and who can look up your posts on your timeline. You can adjust your privacy settings to “private” or “public”.
  • Timeline and tagging – these settings manage who can see your timeline and photos you tagged or are tagged in on your Facebook account.
  • Blocking – manages who and what you want to block. It gives Facebook users the opportunity to block friends who are not necessarily needed in their Facebook accounts.
  • Language settings – Facebook is the world’s most frequently used social media network and has over a hundred different languages ranging from English to China and lots more.
  • Notifications and mobile – it helps to reset preferences for how Facebook notifies you about activities and events that concern you.
  • Apps settings – manages applications you and other Facebook members use.

To edit your general account settings,

To edit and save changes to your Facebook general account settings, use the edit box that is visible next to your account settings. Changes can also be made to your payment options, Facebook ad preferences, app preferences, and many other settings.

Where can I find my Facebook settings in addition to the previously mentioned explanation?

To find your settings:

On any Facebook page, click Settings & Privacy at the very bottom.
Select the setting by tapping it.

Settings include:

  • Account Settings: Edit the basics like your name, mobile number, and email and choose your preferred language.
  • Security: Change your password, and turn on alerts and approvals to keep your account secure.
  • Privacy: Adjust things like who can see your posts, who can follow you, who can see your timeline, who and what you block, and face recognition.
  • Ads: Review and edit your interests and ad settings.
  • Notifications: Adjust what you get notifications about and where you get them.


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