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Sign in to QuickBooks Online with Google

Learn how to sign into QuickBooks Online using Google Single Sign-On (SSO).

Utilize your user ID and password to get into your QuickBooks account.You can log into your QuickBooks Online account using Google SSO and your Google credentials. You only need to log in once with Google SSO, and you can quickly transition between QuickBooks Online and Google Workspace.

Here is how QuickBooks Online and Google SSO interact.

Google SSO and QuickBooks

For your information, QuickBooks Self-Employed does not support Google SSO.

By logging in just once for all services, Google Single Sign-On enables you to access all of your enterprise cloud applications. Select Sign in with Google, then enter your Google email address or phone number and password to log into QuickBooks Online with your Google credentials. QuickBooks Self-Employed does not support Google SSO.

Google Workspace and QuickBooks

A collection of clever tools called Google Workspace connects every employee in your firm. In a few regions, QuickBooks Online currently offers it.

Access QuickBooks from Google Workspace

When you type the URL for QuickBooks Online into a new tab or page while already logged into Google Workspace, the SSO user will not be recognized. You must launch from Google Workspace’s app launcher or app card.

Use the login information you used to create your QuickBooks Online account if you’re new to the service. We advise creating a separate set of login credentials for your Google Workspace account.

The SSO will begin working if you’re already a user of QuickBooks Online once the app has been launched. Towards the top of the page, click Sign in.

Reset your password for Google Workspace

You can go through the usual “forgot password” process for Google Workspace. After resetting your password:

  1. Open QuickBooks Online within Google Workspace.
  2. A window opens prompting you to enter the new QuickBooks Online credentials.
  3. Complete the MFA verification steps.
  4. After sign-in completes, SSO uses the new credentials.

Disconnect QuickBooks Online from Google Workspace

  1. Go to your sign-in page and use your QuickBooks credentials. This should be different from what you use to sign in to Google Workspace.
  2. Select the Intuit Account icon at the top-right, then Manage your Intuit Account
  3.  Select Sign in & security.
  4. In the Linked Identities section, locate the Signed in With Google identity, then select Remove.
  5. Confirm you are removing the permission of Google to access QuickBooks Online.
  6. Select Remove to complete the disconnect process.




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