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How to set up a new Google family account

Apps are constantly improving how well they manage group interactions. Since family accounts have long been managed by services like Spotify, the Steam gaming library, and even the many user accounts on desktop operating systems, it makes sense for Google to assemble and categorize all these digital links in a more comprehensible manner. Google family groups, a new system that enables you to link up to five individuals with your account so you may more easily share information through Keep, YouTube, Photos, and all the media services that are centered around Google Play, provide the solution to this demand.

Visit the website and add each member of your group to create a group. The invitation to join must be accepted by each individual. You may then begin sharing information utilizing the built-in features on all of Google’s services.

  • On Google Calendar you’ll have a new layer called “Family” that automatically updates when any family member adds new events.
  • On Google Keep, you can create new notes or edit existing ones and share them with the family group.
  • In Google Photos you can share any photo, video, or gallery with your family group just as you would with an individual contact.

However, you can continue on. You may create a family group on Google Play by going to your account page. This will allow you to share purchases and app downloads with other family members as well as Play Videos, Play Books, and Play Music tracks.

Take care when choosing who to include because you can leave a family group at any time, but you have to wait a year after someone was added before you can kick them out. Additionally, you can only be a member of one family group at a time.


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