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Sometimes all we have is an email address and we need to find someone on Instagram. You may quickly and easily find someone’s Instagram by email, whether you’re looking to get in touch with an old buddy, form a business partnership, or are simply curious.

1: Search for someone on Instagram without a username

With just an email address, you can utilize a person’s search engine to find the precise person you’re looking for on Instagram. Even the bare minimum of information, such as a name, approximate address, or phone number, can be beneficial.


One of the top techniques for finding persons online is BeenVerified. BeenVerified is a massive database with millions of entries in which you can look up someone’s Instagram username using only their email address. You can use BeenVerified, a company that specializes in finding digital traces, to look for the person’s other social media profiles.

Find the Instagram account by email address using this search bar.

Alternatively, you can visit and conduct a search there if you happen to know someone’s name, phone number, or address.

BeenVerified may need some time to gather the data and provide a report for you.


Prices charged by search engines and the information you actually receive can vary. Try Spokeo if BeenVerified didn’t work for you. With Spokeo’s reverse email lookup, you can discover the person’s contact information, other social media profiles, family members, etc. in addition to their Instagram account.

  1. Visit, and search by email.
  2. Spokeo will search in its database and find the relevant information for you. If you want to view the report, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $0.95.

We advise signing up for their free 7-day membership trial so you can conduct an unlimited number of searches during that time. If you decide not to continue with the service, just remember to cancel it before it begins to charge you.

Social Catfish

An online dating investigation company that focuses on finding social media profiles is called Social Catfish. You may find the Instagram account and other social profiles associated with an email address by just entering it in the search bar. You may also perform a reverse picture lookup using Social Catfish. When it comes to locating someone on social media, it is more effective than Google.

2: Sync your contacts on Instagram

If you know the person’s phone number, you can add it to your contacts and ask Instagram to look you up. Just be aware that there is no assurance. Instagram urges users to link their phone numbers to be more in touch with their friends and family, although this is optional and few people really do it.

  1. Add the person’s phone number to your contacts.
  2. Open Instagram and go to your profile page. Tab the three-line icon on the top-right corner.
  3. Select Discover People.
  4. Tab Connect to sync your phone contacts. Once done, Instagram will show you the accounts that are linked to your contacts as suggestions.

Additionally, you can link your Facebook account. If your Facebook buddy also links their accounts, Instagram will display all of their Instagram accounts to you.

3: Look up someone on Facebook by email

We are aware that Instagram doesn’t permit users to search for people using email addresses by default. However, you can get around it by using Facebook to search.

You can directly enter the email address into the search bar on Facebook’s website and browse the results when you do so. There’s a strong possibility you’ll locate that person’s Facebook page and the associated Instagram account if you search using their company email address.

Even if someone simply had a Facebook account and didn’t link an Instagram account, you can still note down the pertinent details. For your future searches, information such as name, location, education, and mutual acquaintances (if any) may be useful. Utilizing this data on personal search engines like BeenVerified and Spokeo may help you locate the precise Instagram account you’re looking for.


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