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Facebook Avatar Emoji Creator: How to create and use Facebook Avatars on iPhone & Android

The Facebook avatar emoji maker gave you a wide range of emotions and expressions to pick from, allowing you to react and communicate with friends and family more honestly.

You can set your avatar as a temporary profile photo or publish it immediately to your feed within the app.

You can follow the instructions on this page to create your first Facebook avatar, identify your Facebook avatar maker, change it, and share it with other apps.

To demonstrate these procedures, photos have been utilized.

How to Create Facebook Avatar Emoji on iOS and Android

  • Tap the three horizontal lines – its called the “Menu” tab on Facebook You should find it at the bottom-right corner of the screen if you’re using an iOS or at the top corner of the screen for Android.
  • Scroll down and tap “See More.”
  • Tap “Avatars.”
  • Tap “Next.”
  • Tap “Get Started.”
  • Tap one of the skin tone options (you can scroll to see them all), and then tap “Next” at the bottom of the screen.
  • From here, you can customize your Avatar in a variety of ways that pleases you by choosing their hairstyle, hair colour, hair length, face shape, eye shape and colour, makeup, eyebrow style and colour, nose shape, mouth shape and colour, facial hair, body shape, outfit and more. Toggle between these several customization options by tapping the buttons at the top of the Avatars menu, and then tap a customization option to see how it will look on your avatar.
  • When you’re done customizing your Avatar, tap the checkmark icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap “Next.”
  • Tap “Done.”
You can leave this menu now that you’ve made your Avatar and begin using your customized Avatar stickers in comments, Stories, and other places on the Facebook app.
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