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As a senior, you might wonder how to navigate the world of online dating. With so many platforms and apps to choose from, it’s essential to find one that suits your needs and preferences.

In this article, we’ll explore Facebook Dating, a platform specifically designed for people looking for meaningful relationships. We’ll examine its features, functionalities, and how it compares to other dating platforms for seniors.

So, whether you’re new to online dating or looking to explore new options, this guide will help you understand everything you need to know about Facebook Dating for seniors.

Understanding Facebook Dating: Features and functionalities

Facebook Dating is a feature within the Facebook app, designed to help people find meaningful relationships. Introduced in 2018, this platform is available in various countries, including the United States, Canada, and several other countries of the world. It is designed for users aged 18 and above, making it accessible to seniors as well.

One of the main features of Facebook Dating is the ability to integrate your profile with Instagram, allowing you to showcase your photos and interests. You can also add your Instagram followers to your dating pool, increasing your chances of finding a potential match.

Additionally, Facebook Dating offers a “Secret Crush” feature, enabling you to secretly show interest in your Facebook friends or Instagram followers. If both parties have a secret crush on each other, Facebook will notify you, creating a potential match.

This platform also has a built-in safety feature, allowing you to share details of your upcoming date with a trusted friend or family member.

How to activate and access Facebook Dating

How to activate Facebook Dating is pretty simple and can be done within the Facebook app. To access this feature, follow these steps:

  1. First off, you will need to get your mobile phone connected to an internet source
  2. Next, go to your menu section and then locate and tap on the Facebook app
  3. Sign in to your facebook profile account if you have not done that already
  4. Now, you will need to tap the menu icon (hamburger icon) in the bottom-right corner of the screen or at the top right corner of the facebook app
  5. Afterward, navigate down the page and tap “Dating.”
  6. Once you follow the above steps, you will be taken to the facebook dating homepage. Now, tap get started and be prompted to create a separate dating profile, distinct from your main Facebook profile.
  7. Follow the onscreen instruction to complete your account creation.

Bear in mind that only users who have activated Facebook Dating can view your dating profile. Your friends and family on Facebook will not see your dating activity.

Setting Up your Facebook Dating Profile

Creating an attractive and engaging Facebook Dating profile is crucial to finding potential matches. To set up your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Upload a profile photo that clearly shows your face. You can add up to nine photos and answer questions to showcase your personality.
  2. Complete the “About Me” section, describing yourself and what you’re looking for in a potential match.
  3. Select your dating preferences, such as age range, distance radius, and desired relationship type.
  4. Link your Instagram and/or Facebook profile to showcase more photos and interests.

Take your time to create a well-rounded and authentic profile, as this will increase your chances of finding a suitable match.

How does Facebook Dating work: Exploring the matching process

Facebook Dating uses a unique matching algorithm that considers your preferences, interests, and activities to suggest potential matches. The platform does allow its users to search for matches manually via the secret crush feature and ensuring a more curated experience.

When browsing through suggested matches, you can either tap the heart icon to show interest or the “X” icon to pass. If both users express interest, a match is created, and you can begin messaging within the Facebook Dating platform.

Bear in mind that that Facebook Dating does not support video calls or sharing photos within the chat feature. You can, however, share your location with a trusted friend or family member before meeting your match in person.

Facebook Dating app review: Pros and cons for seniors


  • Integration with Facebook and Instagram allows for a more comprehensive profile.
  • Matches are based on preferences, interests, and activities, providing a more personalized experience.
  • The “Secret Crush” feature allows you to express interest in friends or followers without revealing your identity.
  • Built-in safety features, such as the ability to share your date details with a trusted contact.
  • It has no limited communication options, as video calls and photo sharing are supported within the chat feature.


  • Only available within the Facebook app, which may be a drawback for seniors who are not already Facebook users.
  • Only available in selected countries.

Tips for using Facebook Dating safely and effectively

  1. Be honest and authentic in your profile, showcasing your interests and preferences.
  2. Take your time to get to know potential matches through the messaging feature before meeting in person.
  3. Always meet in a public place for your first date and share your plans with a trusted friend or family member.
  4. Keep your personal information, such as your full name, address, and phone number, private until you feel comfortable sharing it with your match.
  5. Trust your instincts and report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior to Facebook Dating’s support team.

Is Facebook Dating free? Understanding the costs and requirements

Facebook Dating is entirely free to use, with no premium features or subscription fees. However, you must have an active Facebook account to access this platform.

In addition to that, Facebook Dating is only available within the Facebook app, requiring a compatible mobile device. Another thing that is worthy of note is that facebook dating is not available to all facebook users for now.

Comparing Facebook Dating to other dating platforms for seniors

Facebook Dating provides a more personalized and integrated experience compared to other dating platforms for seniors. It considers your interests, activities, and preferences to suggest potential matches, making it easier to find a compatible partner.

However, some seniors may prefer more traditional dating platforms, such as eHarmony or OurTime, which cater specifically to older adults.

Is Facebook Dating app good for seniors?

Facebook Dating can be an excellent option for seniors looking for meaningful relationships, as it provides a personalized and secure dating experience.

Interestingly, Facebook dating is suitable for those who are not already Facebook users or prefer a more traditional dating platform. However, you must sign up for a facebook account to be able to use facebook dating for connecting singles.

Who is eligible for Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating is available to users aged 18 and above, located in countries where the feature has been launched. You must have an active Facebook account to access this platform.

Thus, if you are interested in trying facebook dating, you will need to visit facebook.com in your browser or go to google play store or apple app store and search for facebook app, download and install it on your device. Once you are done, open the app and tap on create new account.

Afterward, follow the onscreen instructions to create your facebook account that will allow you access to the facebook dating feature.

How do I activate Facebook Dating in Nigeria?

To activate Facebook Dating in Nigeria, open the Facebook app, tap the menu icon, and select “Dating.” You’ll be prompted to create a separate dating profile, which will be visible only to other Facebook Dating users.

However, facebook dating is not yet available in Nigeria. Thus, facebook users in the country can’t access the dating feature for now pending when it will be made available.

Thus, if you are a facebook user and interested in using facebook dating feature, you will need to keep using the facebook dating groups that are available to access singles online pending when the dating feature will be made available in Nigeria.

How do I get my FB Dating back after being banned?

If you believe your Facebook Dating account was banned unfairly, you can contact Facebook’s support team to request a review of your account. Be sure to provide any relevant information or evidence to support your claim.

Interestingly, after the review, your facebook dating account will be restored for you and you can be able to use it to converse with singles.

How do I know if I was blocked on Facebook Dating?

If you suspect that you’ve been blocked on Facebook Dating, it may be difficult to confirm. However, if you notice a sudden lack of communication or inability to view a user’s profile, it’s possible that you’ve been blocked.

Keep in mind that it’s essential to respect others’ privacy and boundaries while using online dating platforms.

In conclusion, Facebook Dating provides seniors a personalized and secure platform for finding meaningful relationships. With its unique features, such as integration with Facebook and Instagram, it provides a more comprehensive dating experience compared to other platforms.

However, it may not be suitable for all seniors, particularly those who do not use Facebook or prefer a more traditional dating platform.

If you’re interested in exploring Facebook Dating, consider the tips and information provided in this article to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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