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In this guide, we’ll show you how to download Facebook comments from a post that has been made public. I’ll discuss two web resources in this article that you may use to quickly export all Facebook comments from a post. To achieve that, all you need to do is specify the post’s URL, and you’ll quickly find the comments. Additionally, if you choose, you can export comments from your own Facebook postings using one of the tools listed below. You can view the date and time, comment content, likes, and answers in the final Excel or CSV file that these websites provide. This information is simple to obtain and utilize wherever you like.
Facebook comments cannot be saved simply or directly. Additionally, manual copy-and-paste won’t function on lengthy comment threads. The following tools can be used in that situation. One of these only requires a Facebook sign-in before you can begin. You may download thousands of comments from any publicly accessible Facebook post in just a few seconds. These resources are useful for sentimental analysis as well.

How to Download Facebook Comments from a Post in Excel?

Use the straightforward and effective online tool Socialfy to export Facebook comments. You can use MS Excel or any other CSV viewer program to analyze all the comments from a public post after saving them. It allows you to quickly and easily download hundreds of comments from a Facebook post. In my case, I was successful in exporting to a CSV file over 5000 comments. The text of the comment, the date and time it was made, the number of likes, and the number of replies, if any, are all saved in the CSV file. This data is simple to obtain and export to a file.

You can visit Socialfy’s homepage and sign up using your Facebook account. And you can change the permission throughout the login process if you don’t want to give it your email address. You can then begin utilizing the tool after that. Enter the URL of any publicly accessible post, and then click “Submit.” Following that, it will begin gathering all of the comments from the chosen thread, and once finished, it will display a list of all the comments. The list can then be exported to a CSV file and opened in Excel.

Note that the timestamp contains the post’s URL. Right-click the time of the post and then copy the link address to acquire its precise URL.

Export Comments

You may convert Facebook comments to CSV using Export Comments, another free website. You may only export 500 comments from any Facebook post for free, though. Similar to the program mentioned before, this one takes the URL of a Facebook post and allows you to export all comments from it (provided there are less than 500 of them). And the best part is that using it doesn’t require registration or login through Facebook. Simply open it, enter the post’s URL to export the comments form, and access it. Just like that.

Simply use the aforementioned link to access it, then type in the URL of the Facebook post you wish to scrape in order to collect comments. The post you provided will be processed in a few seconds. You can store the CSV file on your computer once it has finished processing a thread. Additionally, it adds each comment’s poster’s name, the time and date it was posted, as well as the number of likes it received, to the CSV file. You have complete freedom once you have the comments list.

Final thoughts

The greatest free internet resources for downloading Facebook comments from a post are those listed above. These can be used at any time to get all the comments from a Facebook post instantly. One of these tools does, however, place certain restrictions on the free plan, but that’s okay given the limited quantity of comments. Therefore, you can use any of the tools that I have described in this post if you’re seeking a means to scrape or export Facebook comments from a post.



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