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How to Stop Ads on Facebook Once and For All

Online services that are purportedly free to use now depend heavily on advertising. But does the service really seem free when a platform frequently inundates you with invasive advertising? The fact that the typical Facebook user clicks on 11 ads each month demonstrates the effectiveness of the company’s strategies. But not everyone is amenable to uninvited advertising, and Clario’s secure surfing extension can assist in clearing your Facebook feed of clutter and noise.

Facebook users typically click 11 ads each month. Businesses use Facebook advertisements to market to 2.14 billion people about their goods and services. Despite how unsettling these statistics may be for anyone who doesn’t want their browsing to be interfered with, you don’t have to continue to be one of them.

This article explains how to modify or stop Facebook ads completely. If you want to be able to navigate through your news feed without being interrupted by advertisements, heed our recommendations.

How to block Facebook ads with an ad blocker

In general, Facebook’s method of making money through targeted advertisements is lacking. While the built-in opt-out processes are far from flawless, you can use ad-blocking software from a third party, like Clario, to stop Facebook ads as well as advertisements on other websites.

Here is how you can block ads with Clario:

1. Download Clario

Download and Install Clario and sign up by creating an account (no credit card required)

2. Activate ads and pop-ups blocking

Go to Browsing Ads and pop-ups. Click Next

3. Add Clario Extension to your browser

Follow the on-screen instructions to install an ad-blocker extension for Safari or Chrome.

Your Facebook advertising ought to be gone by this point. You needn’t, however, stop there. You can also get rid of advertisements from other websites by installing the Clario browser extension. Furthermore, unlike free browser add-ons, it respects your privacy. Try out the Clario ad-blocker.

How to block Facebook ads that are too personal

Another way to make Facebook advertisers respect your privacy is to customize your profile settings so you can make ads less personal.

1. Click the account icon in the top right corner of your Facebook page, select Settings & Privacy, then select Settings.

2. Select Ads from the left panel.

3. Click Advertisers to review the names of those organizations whose ads have been displayed on your news feed., Click Hide Ads to remove ads from certain advertisers in the Advertisers You’ve Seen Most Recently section.

4. Click Ad Topics to control the ad topics displayed in your news feed. Review the list of acceptable ad topics in the Manage Ad Topics section. Select an undesirable topic, then click See Fewer to remove it from the list.

5. Click Ad Settings to allow or prohibit using the so-called “data about your activity from partners”. If you allow it, Facebook will use your browsing history from other websites to show you more relevant ads. If you don’t allow this, then you won’t necessarily see less ads, but they will only be based on your Facebook activity.

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