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Expedia+ Card Login

What are you waiting for if you have an Expedia+ Card but haven’t created an online account yet? From the Citibank website, you may fully manage your card online so that you can pay bills, examine previous statements, and more (the credit card is provided by Citi in association with Expedia). You must first activate your card and then sign up for an account with Citi online before you can access your account online. You can find instructions to help you with this at the very bottom of this page if you haven’t activated your card or registered online yet. If you have followed these instructions, use the procedure below to log into your account.

Please take a moment to check the Citi online privacy policy before completing any forms or registering online.

How to Login

Directly access the Citi homepage and fill out your username and password. To log in faster when using your main computer, check the option next to Remember My User ID. Now press Sign On

Click the Forgot User ID/Password. link to retrieve your credentials. To retrieve or reset the information, complete the necessary forms on the following page. You can log in after providing all the necessary information and following the page’s instructions.


  • Activation #: 1 (800) 347-4934
  • Secure Registration

Call the above-mentioned 1 (800) number to activate your Expedia+ Card over the phone. By clicking the Secure Registration link, inputting your credit card information, and pressing proceed, you can also activate your card online (see image below) You will be guided through a series of forms where you must fill out all the relevant personal data. Your card will be activated after this is finished! Visit this link (you’ll need your card number) and follow the instructions to sign up for internet banking.




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