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You may access your Dropbox account in a number of ways, including through the Dropbox website, mobile app, and desktop application.

Regardless of the platforms, you may have signed in from, your account and the information in it stay the same. The whole, step-by-step process for creating a Dropbox account is provided below.

How to Sign in Dropbox Account

You can access your Dropbox account using any of the methods or channels listed below, as I previously stated;

Access Dropbox using a website:

  1. Visit dropbox.com in a web browser.
  2. You’ll see different options to sign in with your email and password or use Google, or Apple.
  3. You should be in your account now


    Login from Dropbox Mobile App

    1. First, you need to download the app onto your mobile phone. The links below will redirect you to your respective app store to start and complete the download process
    1. Tap on the Dropbox mobile app icon to Open it.
    2. Tap the menu icon (Android) or the gear icon for (iPhone/iPad). Your linked account will be displayed there.
    3. Under your linked account, tap Sign in.
    4. Then choose from the options to sign in either with your email and password, Google,  or Apple account. 

      Login from Dropbox Desktop App

      1. To start with, you’ll have to download the dropbox desktop app. Use the button below to download the desktop dropbox app, and follow the prompted instruction to complete the installation.
      2. You’ll be prompted to sign in (with any option you prefer – email and password, Google, or Apply account) as soon as you open it.

    How to Sign out of Dropbox Account

When you’re not using your own device, it’s very important to log out of your account. Additionally, logging out will allow you to log into your other Dropbox accounts.

On these systems, finding the Dropbox log-out link is simple, but the process is different.

Sign out of dropbox.com

Click your avatar (profile photo or initials) on dropbox.com, then click Sign out.

Sign out of the desktop app

  1. Open your Dropbox desktop app preferences.
  2. Click the Account tab.
  3. Click Sign out. 
    • Had it been you’ve linked accounts, click Sign out next to the account you’d like to sign out of. The accounts will remain linked and the other account will stay signed in.
  4. Click Sign out again to confirm.

Sign out of the mobile app

  1. Open the Dropbox mobile app.
  2. Tap the menu icon (Android) or the gear icon (iPhone/iPad).
    • If you have linked accounts, you must be in the mobile settings of the account you’d like to sign out of. If not, switch accounts.
  3. Tap Sign Out From This Dropbox.


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