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Create a New WhatsApp Account

Due to the popularity of, which enables you to talk rather than sending more expensive SMS, creating a new WhatsApp account has emerged as the best choice. Even data demonstrate that Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other apps currently have the most users combined. On WhatsApp, everything is very simple to do.

Whatsapp needs internet access to function on phones and PCs, just like when you browse using your internet data package. But trust me when I say that this new WhatsApp version uses very little data while still allowing you to send and receive files, share locations, and make free calls while your data is active.

Any newly launched phone includes the Whatsapp app, so you don’t really need to download anything; instead, you just need to update the app before using it for communication. Due to this, we are going to walk you through how to sign up for a free WhatsApp account and establish a new account on this page.

Sign Up WhatsApp Account Free – And Setup Whatsapp App Account

The following are requirements for you to sign up for a WhatsApp account. Your phone number, a downloaded copy of WhatsApp, and an active internet connection

  1. Download Whatsapp app
  2. Lunch/open the app by clicking the app on your phone
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and next
  4. Enter your user name you love to use
  5. Now, what app will be sending a verification code as SMS if the sim card is not in the phone, but if the sim is in the phone then WhatsApp will automatically authenticate that for you. This takes some few minutes to complete
  6. Yes, now you just sign up new WhatsApp account. You can start adding friends from your phone contact

To create a new WhatsApp account, you do not need an email address or password. Your mobile number is all that is required.


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