4 reasons to send save-the-date cards…. and 4 reasons not to!

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4 reasons to send save-the-date cards…. and 4 reasons not to!

You are taken! Congratulations! You have reserved the location for your wedding on the day you have selected, and you are now working on finalizing your guest list.

Do I need to send out save-the-date cards or can I just send out my wedding invites now? is the next query you could have.

See the list below for four reasons to send save-the-date cards and four excuses not to.

1. Your wedding is happening within 9 – 12 months.
2. You are having a domestic or international destination wedding.

This will help your guests book the necessary travel and accommodation.

3. It will give your guests the time to plan.

Those with kids will have enough time to find babysitters, and those with work commitments can plan their time off.

4. To avoid date clashes.

To avoid scheduling the same weekend twice, your guests will be able to “save the date” on their calendars.
Additionally, you might reserve your wedding date with your other engaged friends to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to get everyone pumped up for your special day, including yourself!

4 reasons NOT to send save the dates to your guests

  1. Your wedding is taking place within 6 months.

You are now sufficiently near to your wedding date to send out your wedding invitations without delay. Four to five months before the wedding date is the ideal time to mail your invitations.

2. Your wedding venue or wedding date is uncertain or unknown.

You shouldn’t submit official correspondence regarding your wedding until all the plans are set. To avoid expensive reprinting of new stationery in the event of a change, it is advisable to at the very least have the date and reception location established for your save-the-date cards.

3. Your guest list isn’t ready

It is crucial to have your wedding guest list finalized since everyone who has been invited should receive a save-the-date card.
Anyone you might decide not to invite should not receive a save-the-date card.
A recommendation would be to wait to send a specific guest anything if you aren’t sure whether to invite them when you send your save-the-date cards.

4. Because you don’t mind if people save the date for your wedding or not

You are content to let the formal invitation be the only means by which your guests learn about your wedding.


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